The world economy have been influenced the COVID-19

 2020-03-27 |View:

The artificial intelligence (AI) open innovative platform of the smart supply chain is playing its role thanks to the joint efforts of government authorities and enterprises, said Zhou Bowen, president of JD Cloud&AI and JD Group Technology Committee.


Variants of the emerging smart supply chains quickly showed the power of AI and other innovative digital technologies, thanks to the country's persistent efforts in boosting the sectors.


Last August, China's Ministry of Science and Technology announced a list of national AI open innovative platforms, including the smart supply chain which is backed by the Chinese tech giant and online retailer


After the outbreak of COVID-19, governments and medical institutions saw surging demand for precise information matching and fast supply.


To date, the "emergency resource information publishing and match platform" has generated more than 15,000 users, and provided 660 million items of supplies to 600 government institutions and 500 medical institutions across the country.

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