• battery type Electric Portable Marking Machine

battery type Electric Portable Marking Machine

About the goods:

About the goods:

The fourth generation of hand-held electric marking machine, we have a comprehensive understanding of customer and market requirements before make it. Break through traditional manufacturing. The product quality is high, the software is simple, the operation is easy to handle, and the cost performance is extremely high. The control unit, high-resolution LCD display and shortcut function keys are all
integrated on the housing. Virtually all materials can be identified and marked, tamper-resistant, marking materials including plastics, aluminium, stainless steel and hardened steel. In most cases, after marking, it can still be processed again, such as sandblasting, painting, etc. You can also mark characters, numbers, company logos, inspection marks, etc.


Marking area                     90mm × 30mm

marking depth                   0.01-0.3mm

Driving voltage                   220V  110V

Power supply mode          single exchange 110-240V global universal

Marking content                 Chinese and English characters and numbers. Graphics

Marking performance        clear and beautiful

Import file                          Any graphic that containing in the CAD. 

                                          The machine supports reading data directly from the U disk

Machine weight                5KG

Dimention                        19.7cm *26cm*12.4cm

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